Handbook and Policies » Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

“Living and Learning in a Safe and Caring Environment”​

At Bready School, we…​

  • Make our world a better place 

    • by being courteous and kind to other regardless of race, religion or abilities
    • by being thoughtful and considerate
  • Respect people
    • by keeping our hands and feet to ourselves
    • by using appropriate language and volume of speech, and good listening skills
  • Respect property
    • by taking pride in our school and the activities in which we participate

We Believe…​​

  • Students are responsible for their actions and will accept personal responsibility for their behavior in order to maintain a safe and caring environment.
  • Students will exhibit behaviors that show respect for the rights, property, and safety of themselves and others.
  • Student discipline is intended to be fair and consistent and that consequences should be timely and logical.
  • Student discipline is intended to promote self-control and that students deserve the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and change their behavior.
  • That both home and school must actively work together in order to teach expected student behavior.
  • Parental support strengthens a students' opportunity to succeed in all areas at school.​






§  Bring necessary materials to class

§  Be punctual

§  Complete your work

§  Treat your supplies and others with respect

§  Use good manners (please, thank you, raise your hand)

§  Clean up after yourself

§  Wait your turn to speak

§  Hands to SELF

§  Enter and exit the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner


§  Ask permission to borrow property

§  Keep your locker and desk clean and organized

§  Respect the privacy of other students’ and teacher’s belongings

§  ​​​Respect books, desks, and textbooks


Consequ​​ences include but are not limited to:​

  • Student – staff conferences              
  • Family contact
  • Detention or loss of privileges
  • ​Referral to the office and other services in the school






​​§ Demonstrate good listening skills by sitting up, ​keeping hands and feet to self and keeping eyes on the speaker

§  Respectful participation


§  Sit in designated area


§  Demonstrate behavior appropriate to the tone of the assembly


§  Listen quietly

​§  Leave distracting items behind in the classroom


  • Behavior redirected
  • Loss of privilege of attending assembly
  • ​Removal from assembly






§  Walk


§  Keep to the right


§  Hands to self


§  Headwear off


§  Use appropriate entrance


§  No loitering


§  1 person per room at the washroom

§  Quiet voice


§  Yield to the right


§  Classroom yields to hallway traffic


§  Work quietly in the hallway

§  Remove dirty footwear


§  Hands Off ​



  • Warning
  • Practice doing it correctly






​​§  Use your words and not your body to deal with conflict

§  Use the washroom before going outside

§  Wear outside shoes

§  No loitering at exit doors

§  Play safely on the playground structures

​§  Hands off

§  Be inclusive

§  Use respectful language

§  Avoid teasing and putdowns

§  Be respectful of all people

§  Be a good sport

§  Rough play is not permitted

​§  Return activity room equipment

§  Remove dirty footwear when coming in

§  Play in designated areas

§  Follow the rink rules

§  Use the front door when you have permission to come in early

§  Care for the trees and other plant life



  • Clean up
  • Community Service
  • Loss of recess privilege or stand by the school wall
  • Referral to the office or other service


Lunch Hour​

We encourage students to go home for lunch as much as possible.  Students should be respectful and responsible at all times, but it is especially important for those who remain at school for lunch. Please review the following important rules with your child(ren). Misbehaviours at lunch may result in the loss of lunchtime privileges.



If your child forgets his or her lunch, they will be asked to contact a parent first. If no accommodations can be made, an emergency lunch will be provided. There is no funding for a lunch program at Bready.    




§  Wash your hands


§  Sit down to eat


§  Use an inside voice


§  No toys or games


§  Listen to the supervisor


§  Clean up after yourself


§  Wait your turn to use the microwave


§  Stay seated  and wait to be dismissed ​

§  Eat your own food


§  Go outside quickly and quietly


§  Listen and respect all supervisors

§  Clean up your area when you are finished eating


§  Put your lunch materials away


§  Be prepared for class by 12:45